The new Marketplace to sell your beats!

  • May 19, 2023
  • Yellow Bird
  • 2 min read

WooBeats, The new site to sell your beats

Looking to sell your beats? Get your own online store? Are you tired of marketplaces that require subscriptions?

A French marketplace is a site that allows you to sell your beats under several licenses, without subscription and in an unlimited way!

As you can see in this photo, you get your own artist profile. The site is quite simple and intuitive.

There are fewer features than its Beatstars or Soundclick competitors, but the essentials are there. A personalized profile, a beats player with the integrated sales store. However, you can obtain a more advanced artist profile, as we will see a little later.

Licensing options for your beats

You can offer different licenses, depending on your choices and prices. You are master of your beat store!

In the features we can add a price table to sell the licenses. If you sell your beats under different licenses, this is an essential element to make things clear and transparent with the artists before purchase.

The 2nd element that can be integrated is the contact form, directly on your artist page.

It’s more convenient for customers to have a contact form handy to contact you. You can integrate it very easily and customize it.


Woobeats is a new platform for composers / beatmakers. The advantage of WooBeats is its simplicity. The competition offers a lot more features but also a lot of things that are not very useful for selling music, for beatmakers. To sum up :

  • Without subscription, it’s free!
  • Unlimited beats and licenses
  • Receive your payments by Paypal
  • Instant download
  • Analysis and tracking of your store
  • Commission on sale: 10% (Paypal fees included).
  • Design and technical team available free of charge

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